How to Learn French at Home

learnanewlanguageLearning a new language can be exciting yet at the same time challenging. French is one of the most beautiful languages but getting to learn the language can be a bit intimidating especially for English speakers as many feel like spoken French and written French are two completely different languages. It does not help that most of us have forgotten how to study and will barely even get the time to practice what we learn. If you are really dedicated however you can learn this language and by employing the tips below you can learn French at home with relative ease.

1. Make use of French language learning computer software

At a time when technology has made it so easy for us to learn new things it would be unwise not to make good use of it. French leaning computer software come in quite a variety with content designed for beginners and those who are somehow conversant with the language. Most of the software incorporates different styles of learning meaning that you will have an easy time learning whether you are visual learner or an auditory learner. Most of this software come with audios and mp3 lessons that can be used with mobile devices meaning that you can also learn on the go if you can barely get time to sit for a given amount of time every day in order to master this language.

2. Don’t try to learn everything in a single sitting

Consistency when it comes to learning a new language just like with most things in life is very important. Learning can only be fun if you take it one step at a time and if you have no fun learning, then it is highly likely that you will give up way before you get the desired results. You can dedicate 15 minutes of your time every day to learning French. While this will mean that you will take a longer time to master the language, you will be surprised at just how much you will have learnt in just a few short weeks.

3. Check out Online Resources

There are a bunch of excellent language learning blogs on the internet that can give you a lot of good tips and tricks in terms of how to speed up the learning of a new language.  Some of my favorite sites are Little Language Site, and also the Reddit language pages.  Check them out when you have a free moment!

4. Think and plan your day in French

You will most likely find yourself thinking in English even when you are in the middle of your French lessons. Try to change that by doing most of your thinking in French. Given that the brain is always at work it provides a perfect opportunity for you to practice what you learn without scheduling some revision time or putting too much effort into it.

5. Say it out loud

There would be no point in learning a language if you cannot speak in it. Say the French words and phrases you learn out loud. This way you get to learn the right pronunciation for these words. You can start using phrases to say good morning or thank you and go on increasing these French phrases as you muster the language. If you know any French songs, even nursery rhymes sing them out loud and see just how much your French language skills will improve in just a short time.